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Introducing Muon

Well, you’ve found this site, and so found Muon!

Muon is a new project for building distributed systems. It is polyglot, unlike many others with similar goals.

It enables you to quickly build systems that are highly interoperable and have advanced communication mechanisms. RPC systems are inherently fragile, you deserve better than that, Muon gives that to you.

What does it let me do?

Muon lets you build and then attach services together very quickly, allows them to communicate in a variety of ways. We have a set of support services that help you do things faster, and none of this cares about your infrastructure. You can choose Kubernetes, Mesos and AWS all at the same time and Muon services will run happily.

It gives you support in all the right places, works with your infrastructure of choice, and gets out of the way of you writing code that makes you money (or whatever your motivation is!).

For example, here’s a simple node service

Here’s a Java service that consumes it

Quick, right?

So, although Muon lets you build Microservices, it does much more than that.

What is Muon


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