Getting Involved

Muon is a young project, and is open for you to get involved.

We want Muon to be the best way to make distributed systems, Microservices, reseearch projects. The world is your oyster.

Depending on your skillset, there are different things we can work with you on.

We do much of our discussion on the Slack Group Also, sign up for our mailing list -!forum/muon-users

For Developers

If you’re a developer who wants to work on Microservices technology, Muon is for you.

Right now, we’re working on

  • Muon core libraries (Java, Node, libMuon/Native)

  • Language bindings from libMuon to as many languages as we can cover

  • Muon Protocols

  • Re-usable Microservices giving general solutions to common problems. Our Software Lego.

If you have any experience in Java and Node, then expanding the capabilities of those existing libraries would be a great start.

If you have experience in Rust, we want to talk to you now about libMuon, the Native Muon library.

If you have experience in other languages, our intention is to provide those via a binding to libMuon.

We can start defining APIs and extensions now for those, with your help.


Protocols are message based interactions between services. We have a set of simple ones already

  • RPC

  • Reactive Stream

  • Event emit and streaming (backed by Photon)

We are working on more complex ones for advanced usage

  • Pipeline (stream oriented orchestration)

  • Transactional Events (full DDD style)

  • Various Agent Systems (FIPA, eg ContractNet)

  • Consensus (Raft)

We are looking to implement these in a cross platform way, using a common Protocol Language

This is being defined and worked on in the open, join the Muon slack channel #protocols to get involved.

Software Lego

The Muon ethos is based on systems that improve at the system level with services you add. Through composing services together, and integrating them via protocols.

With many Protocols, we need to implement services to provide functionality they may required (many protocols don’t)

For example

  • Photon - event store implemented in Clojure. Backs the Event protocol

  • Molecule - enables UI composition for management

Future plans include

  • Auction records

  • Security, via Protocols and the Aether service.

  • Messaging integration

  • Social services

These will be able to be implemented in any language that has a working Muon library adn then be consumed by any of the others. Muon based services are language agnostic by design.

For Testers

Muon is currently tested at the component level. We have some testing involving multiple components, mainly using docker compose for orchestration.

We need better multi component testing across the board.

With the new Protocol Language, we will gain some cross platform benefits, but we don’t yet have a testing story for the language yet.

Get in touch!

For Academics

Muon has been built with a strong influence from academic and research topics. Much of the more advanced areas of Muon, around Protocol definition, are drawn directly from Agent based systems. If you are working in any of these areas, we would love to hear from you.

Specifically, Muon is suitable for

  • Implementing Agent systems

  • Researching and implementing Distributed Protocols

  • Providing a backbone for polyglot systems in a research setting

For Others

Apart from the above, our primary focus right now is community building. So if you have experience in that, and are willing to help the project, please get in contact and let us know your ideas.