Muon Pro

If you like Muon, yet you can’t use its LGPL license in your application for commercial and legal reasons, you can purchase a commercial license from Muon Core Ltd covering all of the open source Muon Projects.

Muon Pro includes everything from Muon CE. This covers the Muon Core libraries (in the language of your choice), open protocols stacks, transports and integrations, the Muon CLI, the Photon event apis and the Newton application framework for distributed transactional event processing using CQRS and DDD patterns.

Muon pro enables you to use these with a business friendly commercial license.

It is priced per seat, up to 5 seats. For clients larger than this, get in touch for a site license that will suit your needs.

1 Seat

£100/ year

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2 Seats

£190/ year

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5 Seats

£450/ year

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5+ Seats


If you would like a formal support contract, this is available in collaboration with our consultancy partner organisations. Contact us for more information.