Muon.js Gateway

Muon.js Gateway

This component enables you to run Muon.js services within a browser context and connect them to a full Muon back end network.

Primarily, this allows you to build Muon based rich clients in the browser and make use of the richer protocols Muon provides.

Figure 1. MuonJS Gateway


The gateway is part of the Muon Starter project used in the Guide.

You can run it by itself via Docker with the coordinates

It requires the environment variable MUON_URL to be set to initialise the transport and discovery subsystems.

It will then open up port 9898 for websocket connections from the Muon.js websocket transport.

There are currently no configuration options for the service.

Discovery Restrictions

Currently, the gateway does not propogate discovery information into the client, as this would expose your internal layout to external clients. A full featured security model is in development that will enable this restriction to be lifted in the future.


This service will be developed much more when the security model in development is completed. At that point this service will be upgraded with a full permission based model enabling MuonJS client connections to be managed securely based on the service/ user/ application being handled.

Until then, there is no security system built into this service.